A Pretti5 Guide to Small Joys

Pause. Inhale, slowly.

Exhale, and feel the air leave your body. Relax your shoulders and unclench your jaw.

Being mindful is all about paying attention and being aware of the world around you. Not only can this do wonders for your mental health, but it’s also a great first step to setting up your ideal lifestyle—one that prioritizes the people you love and brings you joy, even in the small things.

When you touch an object that sparks joy, you feel a little thrill, as if the cells in your body are slowly rising.


A loose translation of the Japanese phrase ときめく (to·ki·me·ku), the term “spark joy” is used by professional organizing consultant Marie Kondo to describe an immediate and visceral reaction of happiness or a slight 戰栗 we get from certain objects.

Favorite sweaters, pass-me-down crockpots or even a concert ticket stub are all objects that might spark joy. When you hold something that sparks joy, “every cell of your body lifts up, little by little,” says Kondo, the bestselling author of 改變生活的魔力 and the star of its spin-off Netflix series, 與Marie Kondo整理.

As you go about your day, ask yourself: what sparks joy?

Photo by 薩拉·布朗 on Unsplash

Conversely, some objects feel like they’re weighing down every part of your body. These are objects that don’t spark joy—a book you feel like you 應該 read but don’t actually want to, a stray wrapper that snuck out of the trashcan or even a shirt with a pattern you dislike.

Being purposeful in the ways we spark joy helps us take care of ourselves better.

At the heart of the KonMari method is the desire for mindfulness, wellbeing and proactive change. Holding up an item and waiting to see if it sparks joy might seem like a passive process, but as we continue to actively ask ourselves how we feel, we’re journeying step by step toward self-care and self-love.

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The philosophy of sparking joy can be applied to other areas of our life, too. By creating pockets of positivity in our daily lives, we gain a deeper understanding of our emotions and become grateful for the small things—like catching the train just in time or the cool rush of air-conditioning on a hot day.

Here are some of the small joys that give us a thrill of happiness and lift our mood, little by little.

When you finally empty a product

Sometimes, a long quest for the perfect product comes to fruition, and you find 血清, toner or 面部油 that works magic on your skin. It’s doubly satisfying when you manage to finish all of it—down to the last drop. Snap a photo and 美國標籤 to share the joy, or pay it forward by recycling your Pretti5 empties!

Cleansing after a long day

There’s joy to be found even after a long day at work. Set down your bags and rinse off the day with a light foaming 去污粉. Breathe in the scent of citrusy lavender, feel the warmth of soft hands on skin and take the chance to give yourself a gentle facial massage! Your skin deserves it, especially after a long day under a mask.

Experiencing first times

First times are always exciting! We’re often grateful for big firsts, like seeing snow or boarding a plane, but small firsts—the first rain of summer, the first sip of water in the morning, the first time you try a new skincare routine—can be just as joyful.

This is a pretty big first: Hong Kong’s first medals at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics definitely spark more than a little joy! Check out our favorite quotes from Team HK athletes 請點擊這裡.

Sleeping in on the weekends

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Sleeping in is one of the many small joys of life: getting 8 hours’ rest, being able to stay in bed just a moment longer…Catch up on beauty sleep with the 煥光水潤睡眠修護面膜 for fresh, hydrated skin in the morning!


As cheesy as it sounds, sharing joy and kindness is a surefire way to feel happy. Start small: greet people you see every morning, offer to help someone with their bags or send 一份驚喜禮物 to a good friend. Using 竹棉墊 in your sustainable skincare routine is a great way to be kind to our planet, too.

Using clean makeup brushes

Photo by Tatiana Zhukova on Unsplash

Getting to use soft, clean makeup brushes is such a satisfying feeling. Spark joy in your beauty routine by making sure your brushes are as well-cared-for as your skin is!

At the end of the day, sparking joy is about putting yourself first and listening to what your body and emotions are telling you. Make happiness happen by embracing the small joys in life, wherever you find them. Happy Happiness Happens Day!


作者:Fion Tse