A Curated Botanic Pretti5 Skincare Routine for Your Skin Type

If you haven’t yet read our last blog post to determine your skin type, go back and do that!

Whether your skin type is eudermic, dry, oily, combination, or sensitive, at Botanic Pretti5 we will have something for you. Read on to find the best products and application methods to incorporate into your skin care routine!

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If you have eudermic skin...

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Rest assured you can set forth without fear and experiment with whichever products you wish. Your skin will likely be able to handle different skincare routines, and it’s up to you to determine which you prefer. Our Botanic Pretti5 recommendation for you is to shop here!

If you have dry skin...

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Focus your skincare routine on frequent moisturization. Pair our 煥光高效保濕乳 with a couple of drops of our 煥光修護精華油 to see the effects of hydration throughout the whole day and apply once more at night to stay hydrated as you sleep. If you are worried about waking up with dry skin, despite, try our Hydro-rescue Repairing Night Mask for a quick and easy fix. Finally add a touch of our 雙重透明質酸抗氧化精華 after cleansing and toning as the hyaluronic acid in our product draws water from your surroundings and into your skin, making it an ideal product for those living in humid cities like Hong Kong!

If you have oily skin...

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You’ll be wanting to do a thorough 潔淨 in the morning and at night, especially in the morning! Also recommended is our 煥光柔膚精華水 to prepare yourself for a clean and productive day.

If you have combination skin...

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Your skincare routine will be a nice mix of the skincare routine for dry and oily skin types. In this case, 潔淨 in the morning and at night. Following cleansing, apply 煥光柔膚精華水 並跟隨 雙重透明質酸抗氧化精華 to pack in your water retention. Finally finish off with 煥光高效保濕乳, preferably no facial oil in this situation.

If you have sensitive skin...

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Rejoice! Botanic Pretti5 specializes in products for those with sensitive skin. Important ingredients we just are the soothing aloe vera in our toner, making it a must purchase 煥光柔膚精華水 . We highly recommend purchasing our all in one 敏感肌S.O.S 套裝 成套工具!

We want you to experiment and try our various skincare offerings. To set you off on an initial path we’ve curated these recommendations. Happy browsing!

 Written By Joy Chan