Serum Cocktails: A Beginner’s Guide to Mixing Serums for Optimal Results

So you want to make a serum cocktail? 

It’s fun, it’s easy and it’s got superb skincare benefits including better product absorption and shortened steps in your skincare routine. Now, have no fear, we’ll guide you through the fun combinations you can try to be your own mixologist! To begin, make sure you’ve secured our 先進 透明質酸血清, the key ingredient, as well as your other base ingredients:


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First steps first for all serum cocktails, cleanse with the hydro-power brightening cleanser.

For a nice hydrating drink, make a hyaluronic serum and moisturizer cocktail. Begin by scooping out a generous ½ tablespoon of intensive water-glow moisturizer, then add two drops of your 關鍵成分, and you’ll be set for a glowy afternoon.

For a breezy collagen boost, make a hyaluronic serum, retinol & facial oil cocktail. First apply a dash of retinol cream, and allow it to rest for twenty minutes. Next apply your 關鍵成分 and two drops of your miracle glow facial oil, and you’ve got yourself a fun three-step cocktail.


These hyaluronic serum cocktails are a fun and easy way to elevate your skincare routine with the hyaluronic serum being a staple base layer for hydration, tightening, and nourishment.

See you at happy hour!

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Written by Joy Chan