What’s your skin type? Take our Pretti5 quiz!

We’ve been jumping into how to pretti5 your skin, but let’s take a quick, and important step back to understand our own bodies.


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As most of you will likely know, one person’s skin type will vary from the next. But did you know that the skin type that we have will determine how our skin and physiology will react to certain products.  

The five basic skin types are dry, oily, combination, sensitive, and eudermic. Take a look through the characteristics of each skin type to determine which skin type best suits you:

Eudermic skin is often described as ‘normal’ as it is well balanced.

  • You can experiment with a wide range of beauty and skincare products with no negative reaction. 
  • Your skin is characterized by fine pores, soft and smooth texture, no blemishes

敏感型皮膚 is easily prone to inflammation and negative reactions to many products.

  • You can be prone to breakouts and rashes,
  • Your skin sunburns easily.

皮膚乾燥 produces less sebum, an oily and waxy substance, making it difficult for you to retain moisture and protect your skin.


  • Your skin can feel tight, rough and appear dull.
  • When not well moisturized, your skin can appear scaly or flaky.

油性皮膚 produces extra sebum making your skin appear oily and glossy. 


  • Your skin can appear glossy with visible pores.
  • You are prone to whiteheads and blackheads.

組合皮膚 is a combination of oily and dry, generally varying in your T-zone and cheeks.


  • While other areas of your face feel slightly drier than normal, your T-zone which includes your chin, forehead, and nose are oilier.

After taking a look at these characteristics, which skin type do you feel characterizes your own? 

At Botanic Pretti5 we tend to curate products for those with sensitive skin, making them palatable to a wider range of less sensitive skin types. Yet still, identifying our skin types is a must do!

Knowing what skin type you have will help you decide which ingredients to seek out (or to avoid!) and how often and in what way we would like to apply these products.

Check out our next blog post to find out which Botanic Pretti5 products to use with your skin type!

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Written by Joy Chan